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The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas is a wonderful place. Great art in a great setting. Or, was a great setting.

You see, someone built Museum Tower across the street. And it’s taller than it was supposed to be. And as you can see, shiny. When the sun’s out, it is now very bright on the garden.

And one of the pieces used the sky as a key element. Now instead of sky, skyscraper. The artist has declared the piece ruined.

There goes the neighborhood.  You can help.



PSR_121010_1548 PSR_121010_1533

Nighttime in the garden at Chihuly Garden and Glass.  Dale Chihuly has a big exhibition up at the foot of the Space Needle in Seattle.  Lots of big work.  And the right time to see it is definitely at night.  They have it lit beautifully.  Photo quality could be better, I know — hand held iPhone at night  — yikes.

The saturated colors are great.  And the scale is really impressive.  Worth a visit, for sure.

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So, here we are in the garden at the Alhambra. Lovely vistas. Fountains. Reflecting ponds.

And snakes!!

Look a little closer at the pond and those lily pads. Wait. What’s that? With the menacing open mouth? And I watched it grab one of the fish. Nature tooth and claw.

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