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Angry Sponge Crab.

This guy was not happy. He wanted to get to a nice, protected hole. And he was motoring across the bottom.  I was in his way and so he waved claws at me and just kept moving, ultimately going right under me.

See that dirty yellow thing on the crab’s back?  That’s a sponge that the crab has harvested.  He holds onto it with little claws in the back and uses it for camouflage.  It doesn’t work well out in the open. But down in his hole, it does work pretty well.


(Exif here.)

Dive site: Red Hill, Maui, Hawaii


Ok, not the best shot ever, but here because I like the behavior.  It is a carry crab holding onto and upside down jelly fish and hiding under it as he scoots along the bottom.

Since somewhere along the way the metadata is getting stripped, here’s “hand made EXIF.” All of these shots are with Olympus OM-D EM-5 with the 12-50mm lens in macro mode (at 43mm) in a Nauticam housing. One Sea & Sea YS-100alpha strobe.

Lembeh, October 2013