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Green garlic from Mariquita Farms
[Picture from Mariquita Farms. Don’t just look at their pictures; buy their vegetables.]

I must never have really understood green garlic. It’s such an amazing thing. It looks like a scallion, but has a milder garlicy flavor and is spicy at the same time. We’ve been really enjoying the green garlic this season from two different vendors at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Tonight we did trout with green garlic, Meyer lemon and parsely. Because it’s spring, together on the plate with the incredible, sweet, brilliantly green English peas from Iacopi Farm and asparagus ravioli from Zuckerman Farms. And to complete the market theme, we had a 2002 Muscat from Heidi Schroeck in Austria, bought at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant. The floral and citrus flavors of the Muscat worked beautifully with the Meyer lemon. Oh yeah, and some strawberries and the first blueberries of the season with a little Straus Farms organic vanilla ice cream for desert. And it’s just a Thursday. This is why I love the Bay Area.

The wine is a story all by itself. We were recently invited to a wedding. The groom is from Germany. Stumped for a good gift, we decided to give wine, but not from California. While at the farmers’ market on a winter Saturday, we solicited some ideas from Peter Granoff. We’d been to Germany and Austria a couple of years ago and enjoyed the Rieslings, Gruner Veltliners, Muscats and more in their native habitat. We knew that Peter would have some good ideas for us. Boy, did he. It helps being a James Beard Foundation sommelier of the year winner. Anyhow, one of the wines he suggested for our gift pack was the Heidi Schroeck Muscat. He liked it so much we bought an extra bottle.

And that was dinner at our house tonight. What amazing, local thing have you had this spring?