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Category Archives: coffee

The time zone math was definitely working against me. The vision of the Probat roaster in the window was all the encouragement I needed. 

A perfectly nice macchiato. Sweet, short, good microfoam.

Comfortable cafe. Cool lighting. Fast wifi. The only downside is that – like everywhere else here – the coffee, like everything else, is expensive. 525 ISK. At current exchange rates, ~$4.30

And so you know how to calibrate my recommendations, at home, I like Blue Bottle. When I’m out and about, I like Four Barrel, Ritual, …  When I’m in NYC, Stumptown, Cafe Grumpy, Ninth Street Espresso. Or the Blue Bottle there. 

Once upon a time, Bean Hunter was an app you could use to find better than average coffee. Then they redid the app.

It did not go well. They seem to have lost almost all the content. You’re in Iceland; “find near me” finds cafes in Melbourne, Australia. I’m sure they’re nice. But a little far to go for a quick espresso. 

And I thought, ok, I’ll try to help. I’ll try to add the cafe I’m in. But wait, did they lose the ability to add reviews too. 

Bean Hunter I used to like you. But like I said. I give up. 

Back in February we were in Quebec City to catch their Winter Carnival.  It was lots of fun: Glissade de Glace (ice flume), snow tubing, dog sledding, snow ball fights… And plenty cold.

To start the day warm, we enjoyed the Brulerie St. Jean.  Apparently part of a mini-empire of bruleries.

Well prepared macchiato.

Perfectly respectable grilled cheese if you ‘re a little hungry.