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Huh? What? Off topic?

Here’s the story. We’re on the boat enjoying a lovely surface interval between dives. Muffins, coffee, very delicious pineapple. (It is Maui after all.) Then it is time for the quick dive briefing before dive 2. What are we going to see on this dive and what are the hand signs for the critters? Well, maybe this, maybe that. And maybe the endemic Hawaiian Green Scorpionfish.  What’s the sign for that one?  The dive guide says, well, it’s green and it has red eyes.  Like maybe, you know, it’s been smoking something.  So he pinches thumb and index finger to his mouth like he’s smoking.

And sure enough, we saw one on the dive.


(Exif here.)

Dive site: Wailea Point, Maui, Hawaii


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