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As the coach on the Adidas app say, “Ok, here we go.”  And we’re going a little out of order.  Because after I came back from Indonesia, I didn’t really go straight to Maui.  My wetsuit actually got completely dry.  I went up to see wildflowers in Yosemite.  But I’ve still got to process those.  So, Maui first.

I tried to shoot wide angle based on what I’d learned in Raja Ampat but really didn’t feel it.  So, I switched back to macro and liked it a lot better there.  Naturally, there were occasions where I really wished I’d had a wider option — I’m looking at you Mr. Baracuda.  But on the whole, looking for smaller worked out pretty well.

On that first day while I was set up for wide, I saw these guys in a crevasse on the back wall of Molokini.  Molokini is a crescent shaped volcanic crater off the coast of Maui.  Lots of people really love the back wall.  And there are good things going for it.  The water is crystal clear.  The blue is beautiful.  (And the combination of the two things can definitely trip you up and have you deeper than you wanted to be on your safety stop if you’re not careful.  60 feet?  Ok, let’s try those 3 minutes again…)  Plus you often see some big things swimming by.  So, I don’t dislike it by any stretch.  But it isn’t my favorite spot on Molokini — that’s Reef’s End.  Stay tuned and we’ll see some Reef’s End residents later.


(Exif here.)


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