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I spent over an hour “in class” with this school. Sometimes they were a big wall of fish. Sometimes I was able to swim into the middle of the school and then they arranged into a giant fishy doughnut. Focus on the breath. In. Out. Look at fish. Best meditation ever.

Now, the only problem is on your next dive trip. You know the drill. You get on the dive boat and they’re trying to size you up — do you know what you’re doing or are they going to have to watch you very carefully. And so the standard 2 questions: “How long since your last dive? And how deep?” And you know the eyebrows are going to go up when you say “15 feet.” And someone will ask if you were diving in a pool.

Oh well.  So many great dives on this trip.  And some of my favorite ones were on jetties in very little water.


(Exif here.)

Dive Site: Pearl Farm Jetty, Aljui Bay, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, February 2014


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