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See the bottom? How it’s all “sandy.” And then look up and see the big thing in the middle of the frame. Put them together and you get Manta Sandy. It is a manta cleaning station where mantas pretty reliably show up.

In the foreground you see a little low “wall” of rubble.  For the first 40 minutes of the dive, no mantas, just sandy with fish.  And nice enough fish, but we’re all looking around.  Where are they?  Are they coming?  Hey, we’ve been just sitting here for a while.  Maybe they’re not coming.  Maybe we should go see something else.  I’m getting a little cold… And then all of a sudden, here comes the manta.



(Exif here.)

And if one manta’s not enough for you, how about 2?


What, still not enough? Alright, how about 3?

So, yeah, fun dive.

Dive Site: Manta Sandy, Dampier Strait, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, January 2014


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  1. lovely shots Paul.

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