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If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen a bunch of shots underwater.  And a shot or two topside (more of those to come).  Even one shooting from under water through Snell’s Window to see what’s up there.  But here’s a different kind.  This is a “split.”  Split in the sense that you have the camera half submerged.  The bottom of the lens is underwater.  The top is out of the water.  And to do this well, you’d really like a big dome port for your lens.  And ideally a really calm day so that you get a nice tight line between the underwater and the out of the water.

Well, this wan’t so ideal.  I had a tiny little mini-dome.  And while it wasn’t exactly the Banzai Pipeline back there, it wasn’t like glass either.  Oh, and it was my first time trying this.  So, a long way of saying, “challenging.”  But happy with the result anyway.


(Exif here.)

Raja Ampat, Indonesia, January 2014


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