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Non-divers worry a lot about sharks. Divers on the other hand typically like seeing sharks. It’s guys like this that tend to worry us a little more.


I know it’s a lousy picture.  But in my defense, he’d just bitten me and my finger was bleeding.  And if you look past the fish retreating, you’ll see his mate pointed down.  Tending to the nest that I hadn’t noticed until too late.

Titan Triggerfish.  Territorial and aggressive.  They have buck teeth and are used to chewing on the reef.  These guys are big and beefy.  One of my fellow travelers says that when you see them picking up rocks from the bottom, they’re doing weight training.  Probably right.

Needless to say, I avoided him and his relations on subsequent dives.

(Exif here.)

Raja Ampat, Indonesia, January 2014

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    […] no fish that I don’t like. (Well, maybe with the possible exception of the territorial, bitey Titan Triggerfish.  I give them wide berth.) But I especially like seahorses and their relatives.  Pipefish are […]

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