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Early (well, for me) on the way to the Tsukiji Fish Market.  Not early for these guys.  They do it every day.  On the right you see a guy rushing to the market with a load on his cart.  The lanterns light the entrance to the shrine outside the market.

So you get to Tokyo from San Francisco and your body is just a little confused about time zone.  So it is a lot easier than normal to get up way early.  And you do get up to go see the market, which is *well* worth going to see.  But you’re told to go early.  Why?  Unless you want to get in to see the tuna auction (and there are very few spots available for that), the general public can’t get into the part of the market that you really want to see until 9:00 am.  Trust me, I know.  I got kicked out twice.  By the same guy.  Oops.  (The first time because I didn’t know about the 9:00 am rule and the second time because I thought I was in an unrestricted area.)

So, my advice?  Sleep in.  Well, until 7am anyway.  Then get up, hop on the subway and wander in around 8:45.  There will be plenty to see.  And you’ll be well rested.


(Exif here.)

Tokyo, January 2014


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