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Saturday was Help-Portrait 2013.  It is a truly amazing event that happens all over the world.  Created by Jeremy Cowart (see him describe it in this TED Talk), it’s a day of volunteering by photographers, make up artists and others with just one simple goal: make portraits and give them to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get one.

It sounds like a simple thing.  But it is a simple thing that really gives great joy.  I’ve had the good fortune to be able to volunteer for the last three years.  Once in the Mission and twice at Glide Memorial in San Francisco.  And each time, participants have thanked me for taking their picture.  And every year, I say the same thing: I thank you for giving me the opportunity. And I really mean it.  It is a tremendously moving event.

Mark your calendar for next year.  Help-Portrait 2014 is December 6, 2014.  Details available on the Help-Portrait site.

(And, yes, it’s a little ironic that this post doesn’t have a picture given that it’s about a photo related event.  But the rules of the event are: make the picture and give it away.  Don’t use it for portfolios, blogs, or anything else.)


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