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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Hand caught on the beach at night. Teeny, tiny ghost crabs.

In Destin, Florida

Think the person running the market had a good laugh about the layout?

I’m a big fan of sharks. I used to like to eat them. But these days I’m a lot more worried about their survival, so no more eating them. Now, I prefer to dive with them. Anyhow, we were recently in Destin, Florida — “The world’s luckiest fishing village”. Sadly, it wasn’t really living up to its billing for us. We caught a red snapper that would have been tasty, but it was out of season and had to go back. And we caught this small black tip shark. It also went back, and I hope on to great things.




The team behind Boulette’s Larder has been hard at work transforming it.  And now it has re-opened as Bouli Bar.  Well, around the corner from the old location which will re-open to in a different form.  Love the lights.

I know it is August and it is definitely hot out there.  And this place doesn’t even exist anymore.  It melted.



This was our room in the ice hotel.  And yes, it was all ice and snow except for that candle and the bedding.  Very cool to see, if you’ll pardon the expression.  I’d definitely tour it again.  Not so sure I’d try to sleep there again.  That didn’t work out so well.



At the Quebec City Winter Carnaval.


It’s hot out there.  To help remember that it can be cool, here’s one of those shots that was hiding from me in the library.

Back in February we went to Quebec City for the Winter Carnaval.  It was great fun.

One of the things that greets you almost immediately is the Cabane à Sucre.  Having not grown up in a maple forest, this was a new one for me.  Here’s how it works.  Make a big snow bank.  Pack it down and smooth off the top.  Then get a pitcher of maple syrup and heat it, reducing until it is more concentrated will set up when it cools.  Then ladle it out in striped on top of the snow.  Hand a wooden stick — regulation tongue depressor works fine — to eagerly waiting child.  Get aforementioned child to wait until the syrup cools enough to be wound up like a lollipop.  Like the song says, the waiting is the hardest part.  Good, maple-y.  Very sweet.  You will not need two.

Back in February we were in Quebec City to catch their Winter Carnival.  It was lots of fun: Glissade de Glace (ice flume), snow tubing, dog sledding, snow ball fights… And plenty cold.

To start the day warm, we enjoyed the Brulerie St. Jean.  Apparently part of a mini-empire of bruleries.

Well prepared macchiato.

Perfectly respectable grilled cheese if you ‘re a little hungry.