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Ok, we both are. Confused. She’s not too sure about the whole “sitting for a portrait” thing. She’s pretty good on sitting. Not perfect, but pretty good. But the portrait thing is new for her.

She’s no Fay Ray. But then, I’m no William Wegman either.

She is very sweet and she was graciously helping me get ready for Help-Portrait which is coming Saturday.  I’ve got  a little new gear and I needed to test it out and make sure I could set it up quickly and use it effectively.

Set it up.  Check.

Use effectively.  Still working on it, as you can see.

Help-Portrait is a great event that happens all over the world once a year.  Photographers, make up artists, and volunteers of all sorts come together to make portraits and give them to people who wouldn’t be able to get them otherwise.  I worked the event last year and am 100% convinced that I got more out of it than the clients.  But they seemed to enjoy it too.  Great short TEDx video by Jeremy Cowart, the founder, here.  If you can help in any way, including with a donation to help, many people will appreciate it.

Looking for a new camera?  Yeah, me too.

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