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As promised, here’s a little more from the Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz demo at the California College of the Arts in Oakland. They worked all afternoon. And then gave a talk.  Working hard for the money.

Here are shots from making the first bowl.


Starts with a colored tube.  A little heat.  Then shape it on the marver.

Live action:

Work it with the jacks and heat it back up:

Shape it some more. There are so many things I love about glass blowing. But one of the things is the old fashioned and ultra low tech tools. What’s the key shaping tool? Wet newspaper and a hand. Oh, and remember, that glowing hunk of glass is about 2000 degrees.  See that smoke?  The paper’s burning.

Starting to look bigger and wider, but still all closed up.

Heat it back up.

Turn it around.

Shape it.

Shape it some more.

Get ready to knock it off the pipe…

And get ready to catch it and put it in the annealer.

Looking for a new camera?  Yeah, me too.

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