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Beautiful day in the Bay Area today. A perfect day for the final flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Well, on the back of its 747 carrier, anyway.

Like a whole bunch of other people, I headed up to the waterfront opposite the Exploratorium.
It was originally going to be here around 8:30am. But NASA delayed it an hour to let the fog to burn off a little.

At about quarter of 10, everyone’s milling around. Looking here. Looking over there.
Nope. Not it.

Everyone’s finding something to do while they wait.
I asked the person next to me if there was one of those Santa Tracker apps. But of course, zero bars of data there. So just sit tight.
And then, totally worth it.  The space shuttle with its escort over the Golden Gate:
Two spins around the bay.
And then on its way.


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