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Monthly Archives: July 2012





Almost everyday we went hiking. That meant hopping in the zodiacs and then jumping in the water or mud. Then off on the hike. And as you hiked, you could track where you’d been by looking at your route as marked by the pathfinder plant. Looks all green when you first see it. But as you walk by, the silver underside ends up showing. And there’s your path back to the boat. No breadcrumbs needed. (Which is good since there are bears and no food allowed on hikes.)



I really love the blue color of the ice. It seems to glow.


We’re back from our first trip to Alaska. Wow. Just wow.

It is huge, of course. And we only saw a little. But wow, what we saw. Incredible wildlife experiences. Great natural beauty. Nice people.

The one thing we didn’t have a much of was connectivity (or time to use it when it rarely was available). So, some of these are a little out of order. And many are being posted on a different day than captured. Enjoy.

The trip challenged a few assumptions. The first is my notion of a snowy, white place. And we did see some snow on mountains and glaciers. But in Southeast Alaska, the color in your head should be green. It’s everywhere while that sun is shining 20 hours a day.

The shot today is of a ruin in Juneau.