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Monthly Archives: March 2012


While out horsing around, I needed a quick cup. And since I missed Blue Bottle at the farmers’ market yesterday, I was hoping to pick up some beans. So, I popped down 280 to Barefoot Coffee looking for The Boss. They were out of that and just about everything else. Nothing to take home.  Crazy.  Poor Brewtus will have to make do with some Hayes Valley or 17 Ft Ceiling.

Fortunately, they still had a couple of beans left on the bar. Ahh.


Not just 18%. After all the rain, I was feeling 100% gray. Kind of like this guy.


In honor of the sun coming back out today, an orange ball.

A vase, really.

Blue Bottle is getting around a little bit and that’s a good thing.  Turns out that not so very far away, Burlingame Produce uses Blue Bottle.  No trip to downtown or Oakland required.  Woohoo.  Here’s Eric making a macchiato.  I’m a big fan of the Hayes Valley Espresso blend, but today they’d switched to 17 Ft Ceiling.  In a word, delicious.



But a tasty memory.

As Ali G would say, “Respect.”


On my way back from a meeting, I had time to stop for a macchiato at Four Barrel in San Francisco.  Excellent coffee.

And as a bonus, Sam pulled my shot.

And as a double bonus, they were roasting while I was there, so I got to capture the action.


If you remember yesterday’s post, you know that I was having trouble with exposure at the Fire Jam.  And while I like the look of this shot of Justin Herman Plaza, it shows the problems I was having.

(f/6.3, 1 sec, ISO 100, 35mm)

Now I do like that dark, brooding nature of this one.  Makes me think that Scooby is about to have a problem with some giant fake monster or robot.  And the Mystery Machine is never nearby enough.  Would be even better if they turned the water on.

Ok, back to the technical problems.  It’s too far away (and too big) for my dinky little strobe to light up.  Could have gone for a slower shutter.  And in this case that would have probably been the right answer.  But really this was a test shot before the fire dancers danced in.  And then going much longer creates other problems, like them dancing out of the frame.

Oh well.  Maybe I’ll just go console myself with a Scooby Snack.