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Another month, another San Francisco Fire Jam. I just love this place.

So in this installment, I learn that I’m not David Hobby.  (Yeah, I know.  Duh, right?)  Yes, I need some work with the lighting.  Kind of tricky though.  I’d like the background to disappear, so either wide open to blur it away or closed way down or darken it away.  But neither of those seemed like good choices.  I need a long shutter speed to get the light trails.  So that lets in a lot of ambient.  And that means the background isn’t going to be black.  But I can’t stop way down either.  Because then I need more flash than I can muster.  What to do?  This one is 1 second, f/5.6, ISO 200, 35mm.

So next time: beg, borrow or go buy a light stand.  And, umm, keep practicing.

(And by the way, he was not only dressed as the Joker, he was in character.)


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