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Monthly Archives: March 2012



I don’t know.  The coast seems pretty nice to me.


Someone I know arranged some sugar for me.




When I’m diving, not a big fan of nitrogen.  You know, because I don’t really want to get bent.

But in the kitchen … well that’s a different kettle of fish.

And for a little accessible molecular gastronomy (under 5 bucks) you can see your ice cream being made.  And made with liquid nitrogen for the cooling part of the process.  The resulting ice cream is super smooth because the ice crystals are super tiny thanks to the fast freezing and no thaw/freeze cycle on stored ice cream.  You  eat this as soon as it is made.  Like an ice cream espresso.  (And when you’re done, you could walk around the kiosk to Ritual or down the block to Blue Bottle.)

I had the Tcho chocolate.  You might like it too.  Smitten Ice Cream in Hayes Valley.

The cream becoming ice cream.


See the theme?

And no, the I don’t have the problem that this guy counsels against.  Or at least, I’m working on the core strength.

That’s not motion blur.  It’s images from 2 sides of a thick piece of glass.

Because boy, did I shoot a lot of them.  What a crazy, painful process.  Seems like there should be some automated (and more accurate and reliable) approach.  Kind of like the things that look in your eye at the optometrist’s office?

Interestingly (to me anyway), found a wide range.  One lens (60mm macro) dead on.  Another (Tamron zoom) way off.  Others in between.   The kit lens was actually pretty good.

This one feels to me like it was shot in an incense perfumed, gold leafed temple.  But it was about as far from that as you can get.