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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Crazy busy week.  After the Madeira tasting, the next day, on the plane and off we go.  Shot out the window as the sun was going down.  Loved the dark clouds below us, the red glow at the horizon and then the feeling of the beginning of space as it goes from light to deep dark.  Try to ignore the plastic window frame on the plane.
Red Sunset

Madeira tasting at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant on 2/15. There must have been some kind of Madeira theme going on in the universe. First, we had one paired with dinner at Alinea. Then, right after we got back, I saw the announcement for this tasting at one of my favorite wine places. I’m a definite Madeira newbie. I really liked the Rare Wine Company’s Boston Bual that we’d had at dinner. And I liked several of these too. Interestingly, the really rare and expensive one didn’t do much for me. Dodged a bullet, I guess.





Conversation Hearts

Amazingly, all too real.
Area's Best

We took a great “walking” tour with the Chicago Architecture Foundation. We’ve toured with them before and they’re great. This time, we did a tour on the L.

The architecture downtown is spectacular.  And a great treat seeing the different timer periods is juxtaposition.  Here’s a detail from the face of a hotel.  Green terra cotta.  You’d be hard pressed to find it elsewhere, I bet.

green terra cotta

old and new