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This one was quite elaborate.

First, before the previous course, these flags were placed on the table without further explanation.  Hmm…
Then, out comes a tray.
the initial tray

But as with many things, you need to unpack it. It’s really 2 trays. The glass one on top with what turns out to be condiments.
And a wooden one underneath.
2 trays
But like a Russian Doll, there’s more inside. Pick up the metal pieces and assemble into a stand. Like so.
stand up
And let’s go get that flag. The flag is laid out on the stand.
laid out
It becomes the wrapper for a venison burrito you assemble yourself from the condiments on the glass tray. Mustard, paprika, pilsner gel (in the spoon) and a variety of nice little vegetables.
the whole enchilada

Fill it up, wrap it up and bite.

Served with Prats & Symington ‘Post Scriptum’, Douro 2007


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