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With all due reverence to Spinal Tap, this one really did more than peg the meter.  And as fate would have it, it was course #11.

Labelled simply “Black Bass” on the menu, it was a course inspired by the chef’s recent trip to Sicily, also one of my favorite places.  No wide angle on the iPhone, so here are a couple of shots to show the whole thing.

The Caponata
The Bass

And really, we’re going to have to get a better photographer.  To the left of the bowl of caponata, is a bowl of super crispy, light chick pea flour fries.  Crunchy and delicious.  And hiding behind and to the right of them is a small bowl of bright, green pesto.  You can kind of see the green glow.

The fish was cooked perfectly.  Then fileted so that all of the good stuff was on the top side.  I have eaten a lot of fish in my life.  Much of it cooked well.  This could not have been better in any way.  Despite it being a much larger course and still with much ground to cover, we demolished it.

One little lie up there.  Almost all the good stuff was on top.  But one of the cheeks was still on the other side.  And we were not going to let that one get away.


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