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Part of the fun of the meal is the variety of ways that you approach the food.  Oh, there are knives and forks.  But often you don’t need them.  And sometimes there are lots of pieces of silver on the table.  More about that soon…

So, Number 6 is one of those interesting ones.  Twisty shrimp anyone?
A different kind of shrimp skewer

A sweet shrimp wrapped around a Yuba stick with miso.  It is like a quill pen.  Pull it out of the inkstand and eat.  With sesame seeds and togarashi spice.  My only sadness?  There was just one.  Umami goodness, that one.

Seven blew me away.  Scallop “acting like agedashi tofu”.  And it really learned its lines.

But you know, I’m forgetting something.  A little earlier, a siphon brewer came out, but instead of coffee, it was filled with seaweed, citrus and other ingredients.  And then the dashi that got added to the bowl was brewed there, at the table.

Here’s the siphon.

Dashi siphon
Nice burner.

And here it goes together.
Dashi into the bowl

The “tofu” had exactly the right consistency, was very lightly fried and tasted delicately of scallop. Nice contrast with the peppery baby nasturtium leaf.

Eight. The menu calls it “Wooly Pig.” With fennel, orange, squid. But my notes say “antenna” because that’s what it’s served on. One bite. Bobbing in space. Terrible picture, sorry.
I’ll grant it’s a little hard to see in the picture, but notice the little fennel “anklet” on the squid tentacle?
It was a delicious bite.

Next up: Bergy bits.


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