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The driving reason for the trip was dinner at Alinea.  Maybe the best restaurant in the country.  And an icon of molecular gastronomy.

Funny thing is, while there were certainly gels and powders involved, it didn’t feel like a science experiment at all.  It was just plain good.

It’s 21 courses.  Yes, that is kind of a lot.  They are small courses.  Mostly.  You will not leave hungry.  But interestingly, you won’t leave feeling stuffed either.

It starts with a big chunk of ice on the table.
There are a couple of red shafts in the ice.  But it’s a mystery for later.

And it really is a big hunk of ice.  Bigger than your head.  A nearby table that wasn’t going to be occupied for a while had one too, but no red shafts.  Turns out it was a “ghostberg” to just keep the table from being empty.  Before our neighbors arrived it got switched out for a “live” iceberg.

The first course looks innocent enough.  Arctic Char Roe with carrot, coconut and curry and yuzu. Served with a champagne cocktail.
Alinea 1. Char Roe
Then the next 4 courses come all together.

  • Oyster leaf standing in for oyster. On the half shell, naturally.
  • King Crab
  • Mussel
  • Razor Clam

All nestled in the rock weed on a piece of driftwood.  Beautiful presentation.  And all really great.  I loved the Razor Clam.  It had been grilled and came with shiso, soy and daikon.

Alinea 2 - 5 Shellfish

More to come…


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