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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Leap day photo.

For me this one seems like what you would see if you put a golf course on Mars.

Early morning golden light.  Grass and palm trees and lava.  Lots of lava.


Big frog fish.

I’ve seen a lot of frog fish, but never gotten to see them work their lures.  This guy shook his lure at me hoping, I guess, that I’d go for it and he could eat me.  Now, I’m a fan of optimism.  And I know he’s a fast eater.  But I don’t think he can get me in his mouth.  Good thing.

This guy had a nice mottled, pale coloration.  And a greenish color I hadn’t seen before.  (This guy was off Kona.  The ones I’ve seen on Maui are darker colors or bright yellow or orange.)

And confused.  Just as our scuba boat was pulling in, we saw sport fishermen finishing up the task of sawing the bill off of this enormous black marlin.  1,030 pounds.  An amazing creature.  Dead.  Having just spent the day looking at sea creatures and trying to make sure I didn’t touch anything even while taking pictures, I just felt like I’d been punched in the gut when I saw this enormous, powerful, fast fish hanging by its tail, big blue eyes rolled back in its head.

The confused part is because I eat fish.  And that fish has to be caught and killed.  I’ve caught, cleaned and cooked them myself.  But I was still saddened by this.

It’s like the beginning of Shrek or something.  Really, I was too far away from this guy.  But I couldn’t get closer.  He kept running away.  He moves like a leaf floating and bobbing along.  Except faster.  But there is a lot of that “leafy” motion.

At least I think that’s what this octopus was thinking.  He (she?) was very kind and hung out outside his hole for me to get a picture.  I love these guys.  They are amazing creatures.  The color changing (and texture too) is incredible.  Shy and fast, they’re normally too much for me.  And this one was really too big for me.  I should be looking for things about the size of a baseball to snap with my macro set up.  This guy was much bigger than that.

Chilly on the boat and after 2 dives, of course.  But after getting out of the wetsuit, carrying all the gear to the baking hot car and then getting in that little mobile rotisserie, I kind of needed an iced coffee.  Fortunately, Kona Mountain Coffee is right on the main highway.  And even more fortunately, their iced coffee is really good.  (And I may not know much about a lot of things, but I’ve been around a lot of good iced coffee.)

Bonus.  The people there are lovely.

Double bonus, tiny little flower arrangements on all of the tables.  Sweet.

We had a delightful time with the local flora and fauna, both above and below the water.

Here’s a shot of a leaf scorpion fish from the dive the other day.

Yes, I realize that I am not Berekely White.

I am crazy out of practice.  And the surge was not my friend.

60mm macro f/8.0 1/125.  Just one strobe, probably at 1/2 power.  And no, I couldn’t get the tail to be sharp with the eye without hurting something.

Yes, I’m a little behind.

Flowers in the parking lot of the harbor after getting off the dive boat.  Rose tinted glasses?  The rush of tiny nitrogen bubbles?  Or just some crazy effect in Instagram.

Ditched the frigid winter weather (ok, it’s the bay area, so not all that wintry, but still).  Watching the hula dancing kids.  Chilling after getting back in the water for some dives in the morning (more on that soon).  And just destressing and defocusing.  Literally on that last one.

Reminds me of the light on the waves seen from the boat.