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What seems like a long time ago now, I came around to tea.  I’d grown up drinking coffee, and lived in a place that had good coffee forever.  (Try a cafe au lait at the Cafe Du Monde, for example.  And while you’re at it, you might as well have a beignet too.)  Tea had always just tasted like bad boiled grass.  To be fair, I hadn’t given it much of a chance.  Just the nasty stuff that comes in mass market tea bags.

Anyhow, this was soon after a company called Republic of Tea got started here in the Bay Area.  They did a great job of marketing.  Great graphics.  Clever names.  One of them was Sky Between The Branches.  I always loved the name and the drawing of the tree against the sky.   And one day, not too much later, coming back to the car after snorkeling in Maui, I looked back and saw beautiful, delicate trees against the sky.
Sky Between The Branches, Maui

But that’s an old shot.  And the project is supposed to be about new ones.

This is the one from the here and now that jogged the old memory.  And from a tree a lot closer than Maui.
Sky Between The Branches, Burlingame


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