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So in years gone by, I’ve been a little, umm, unreliable in posting. This year is going to be different. Going to do a 365 project. And that means every day. But wait. Does it mean take the picture every day? Or post a picture every day? Post from a picture taken that day? You know, I was never good at filling out forms and staying between the lines. So here’s an entry for Thursday 1/12/2012, but written on Tuesday 1/17/2012. Better late than never. And by the standard of prior years, early.

So, last Thursday night I went out to shoot the first fire jam of 2012. A great event, now in a slightly different venue. Typically the event is at the Justin Herman Plaza across the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building. But I think there’s residual holiday stuff in the plaza so the event moved just south down the Embarcadero to the waterfront park just under the big bow and arrow sculpture. There’s more street lighting in the new venue which I don’t like for the shots. But there is a bridge you may have seen before that makes for an interesting background.

Here’s that bridge all by itself.

And then there were the fire dancers. I love this event. People have such a good time. The dancers are clearly enjoying themselves. Then if you look back, you’ll note that they are not alone.
There are at least as many photographers as dancers. And there are some great shots up on the meetup page. Check them out.

And while everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, I think this guy had at least as much fun as anyone.
“Fire Good”

“Spinning Wheel”

I had a strobe in my bag, but didn’t take it out. My bad. This one would probably have been better if I’d snooted it and lit up his face a little. You’d think I’d know better by now. Oh well, next month.

I took a whole lot of shots. I’ll pick a few more to post over the weekend.


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