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Today is Nicolas Steno’s 374th birthday. He got a Google Doodle and everything. And while he was a saint. And did figure out that fossils didn’t *grow* in the ground, he did not invent the steno pad. Apparently that came later.

So, to commemorate missing a day of posting a 365 picture yesterday, today, two.

This morning on the way to meet someone for coffee at Philz in Palo Alto, I saw this very calm bulldog in an armored bicycle sidecar. No, you do not see that everyday.

He works at a secret mountain laboratory (as you can see from the picture). Fittingly, he wouldn’t talk.

Running from that meeting to the next and after poking down 101, I was instantly transported back in time. No, I wasn’t driving a Delorean. But check out the sculpture on the Yahoo campus.

Remind you of anything? Like maybe an early parallel supercomputer? Say one like this:
Connection Machine CM-2
(And that one belongs to Eric Paulos. Read more about it and him.)

Back to the future, indeed.


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