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Monthly Archives: January 2012

In the style of Instagram, but not actually shot that way.
We’ve been looking forward to a trip to Chicago to go to Alinea for a long (*long*) time.  Someone nice promised me dinner there several years ago.  We had it all booked way back then, but had to cancel.  Maybe work got in the way.  Who can remember?  Doesn’t matter.  And then we kind of let it slip for a while.  Crazy.

So here’s a shot of fly over country.  And I don’t mean that judgmentally.  I’m *actually* flying over it.  And it’s out the slightly hazy window of the plane.  So, it’s a little overprocessed here.  Enjoy.

And more (much more) on Alinea to come.

From yesterday’s shoot, foreign coins scattered on an old carpet draped over a bench.

No, I don’t know why it’s there.  And I don’t know about the coins either.  But I liked it.
Coins on a Carpet

In front of a historic water tower in Palo Alto, this old pump looks like he’s on duty.
On Guard

What seems like a long time ago now, I came around to tea.  I’d grown up drinking coffee, and lived in a place that had good coffee forever.  (Try a cafe au lait at the Cafe Du Monde, for example.  And while you’re at it, you might as well have a beignet too.)  Tea had always just tasted like bad boiled grass.  To be fair, I hadn’t given it much of a chance.  Just the nasty stuff that comes in mass market tea bags.

Anyhow, this was soon after a company called Republic of Tea got started here in the Bay Area.  They did a great job of marketing.  Great graphics.  Clever names.  One of them was Sky Between The Branches.  I always loved the name and the drawing of the tree against the sky.   And one day, not too much later, coming back to the car after snorkeling in Maui, I looked back and saw beautiful, delicate trees against the sky.
Sky Between The Branches, Maui

But that’s an old shot.  And the project is supposed to be about new ones.

This is the one from the here and now that jogged the old memory.  And from a tree a lot closer than Maui.
Sky Between The Branches, Burlingame

Amidst the hotels and office buildings, this.
Welcome to the shore
Welcome to the shore.

The Sherman was a boat.
Then it was a restaurant on a boat.
Now it’s just a sad, abandoned hulk.
The Sherman

It was always a bit crazy.  The Yelpers found the service wanting and the rakish slant a little hard to take.  I never did eat there, but did have a drink or 2 in the bar.  And since it was in fact “on” the water, nice views.

The slugs appear to be happy that the weather has warmed up too.

Came out of the house this morning to find that they’d been having quite the party on the front walk.  It doesn’t look like slugs are that good at planning paths.
Slug Paths


It’s been cold. But really, we don’t have much to complain about here in Northern California. The weather is famously mild.  And no, I’m not taking Baz Luhrmann’s (recycled) advice on how long to live here.

Still, it definitely feels like winter. It’s been cold. It’s back to being rainy, foggy and just generally damp. Nearby, the last few leaves cling to some trees. Others are totally bare. (Stay tuned for those.)


Well, that didn’t last long.  A bit of rain and now the sun’s back out.

I was down in Mountain View for a meeting on, you know, a super secret topic.  On the way to the meeting it was still raining and gray.  By the end of it, the sun had come out and the day turned nice.  Omen?  Hope so.

On Castro Street in Mountain View, there are these great glass spheres that the sun lit up.  I’m sure I’ve seen them before.  But I didn’t remember them.  And I bet they’re even better at night since they’re lit from below.  I tried a number of things and couldn’t get what I really wanted which was for them to be really lit up and glowing.  Maybe at night.

After the rain yesterday, the sun came out. But at the Ferry Plaza, it seemed like most people hadn’t got the memo. Beautiful day at the farmer’s market. And very sparsely populated. Almost no line at the Blue Bottle cart. Nice. Last weekend, I noticed (too late!) that Heirloom Organics had pink peppercorns. A chef bought the last of them. So, this week I went straight there. Well, after a stop at Blue Bottle, but still.

And there they were. Fresh. Fragrant. Beautiful. And “on the hoof.”  I’ve had them dried before, but never fresh.  Great flavor.  And the leaves smell great too.

I bought a pile. Some are now standing in for flowers. And some are going to be featured in the dinner we’re making as a gift. I think with some Meyer lemons.