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(Time for the annual blog post.)

La Mar CebicheriaWith the rest of the family otherwise engaged tonight, I was left stag in San Francisco. I’ve been meaning to try La Mar Cebicheria and so this was a great opportunity to give it a shot. And you know it is crazy — since I’m an inveterate shopper at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers’ market every Saturday, I’ve been two doors down from La Mar more times than I can count. Oh well, better late than never.

Without a reservation, even on a Sunday, no table for me. Not even counter. But since I was a single, I was plenty happy for the bar. Started with a Pisco Sour. Well, it is a Peruvian restaurant.

Then had the Cebiche Mixto which was awesome. Mahi, squid, octopus, a little spicy. Very delicious. Nearly drank the liquid. Followed by the Anticuchos de Pulpo, essentially barbequed octopus. Except for the “flying tentacle” problem when I tried to remove one from the skewer, it was great. Had it with a Spanish Verdejo which, while lovely on its own, probably wasn’t the best pairing with the BBQ flavors. I don’t normally think red with Octopus, but this would have been a great time for a lighter, fruit forward red. Maybe a Peruvian Cab Franc?

Dessert was the only less than great part of the experience. I’d skip the Picarones — pumpkin and sweet potato fritters. They came out looking like onion rings with a sauce that was supposed to be sweet and spicy. The sauce was just sweet. And the fritters were pretty much just “fried.”

I’d certainly go back. But I’d go out for gelato at the end.

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